MeeGo Features Bug Jar 2010.29

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A Quick Look at MeeGo Features in Bugzilla
2010-07-12 through 2010-07-18

As of 2010-07-19 MeeGo Features contains 243 items (no change this week), including 242 open issues (no change this week):

  • 236 open enhancements (no change this week)
    • 0 assigned (no change this week)
    • 2 needinfo (no change this week)
    • 0 waiting for upstream (no change this week)
    • 0 reopened (no change this week)
    • 0 unconfirmed (no change this week)

Top Tens

Ten biggest open enhancements by number of votes:

  1. (no entry)
  2. (no entry)
  3. (no entry)
  4. (no entry)
  5. (no entry)
  6. (no entry)
  7. (no entry)
  8. (no entry)
  9. (no entry)
  10. (no entry)
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Ten hottest open enhancements:

  1. 3105 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Email SMTP support (new this week)
  2. 3033 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Browser CSS support (new this week)
  3. 2958 [MeeGo Core OS Features] [FEA] Meego touch framework - Localization and i18N (new this week)
  4. 2803 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application Explicit Call Transfer (ECT) (new this week)
  5. 2681 [MeeGo Core OS Features] [FEA] MeeGo Application SDK (new this week)
  6. 2673 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Images sharing from the application (new this week)
  7. 3099 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Browser access to URL (new this week)
  8. 3028 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Contacts picture support (new this week)
  9. 2772 [MeeGo Core OS Features] [FEA] MeeGo Web Runtime (WRT) (new this week)
  10. 2658 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application call statistics (new this week)

Ten oldest open enhancements (unchanged for 5 weeks):

  1. 2610 [MeeGo Core OS Features] [FEA] Qt 4.7
  2. 2629 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Short Message Service (SMS) application
  3. 2630 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application
  4. 2631 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Image viewing application
  5. 2633 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Mozilla Fennec Browser
  6. 2655 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] SMS application message handling functionality
  7. 2656 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] SMS Cell Broadcast
  8. 2657 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application extended call handling functionality
  9. 2658 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application call statistics
  10. 2659 [MeeGo Handset Features] [FEA] Dialer application voice mail support

New Items

0 enhancements were opened.

Resolved Enhancements

0 enhancements were resolved "fixed".

0 enhancements were resolved "invalid".

0 enhancements were resolved "wontfix".

0 enhancements were resolved "duplicate".

0 enhancements were resolved "worksforme".

0 enhancements were resolved "moved".

Released Items

0 enhancements were released.

Confirmed Items

0 enhancements were confirmed.

Assigned Items

0 enhancements were assigned.

Reopened Items

0 enhancements were reopened.

Unloved Items

0 enhancements were needing love.

NeedInfo Items

0 enhancements were needing more information.

Upstream Items

0 enhancements were waiting on upstream work.

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